What is the ideal temperature for birds?

I'm a owner of two lovebirds, and, I let them roam freely in my bedroom. Since, they are naughty little birds, I don't let them in my living room. So, when I close the doors the room temperature gets even more hotter and "arid" even. How hot is too hot for birds? Also, I was wondering if opening the windows just for a bit and let the airs change is safe for my lovebirds' health.

It's 8 degrees outside, not sure about the exact room temperature but it's definitely above normal and possibly 80.

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Feb 16, 2012
Temperature for birds
by: Tracie

I think Linda is referring to the possibility of your birds chewing something toxic, getting trapped somewhere, something falling on them etc. in your room if they are flying around all day without supervision.

I respect Linda and her opinion. She is correct to have concerns, but if you have a "bird safe" room then the room is sort of their cage. Just make absolutely sure that your room is bird safe. Like, the metal on a ceiling fan may be toxic etc.

We have many items on our Toxic / Non-toxic for birds list but there is no way to list everything that is toxic. Some birds die from getting trapped somewhere, like in the springs of a bed or a couch after they chewed a hole through the bottom. Some birds die from landing on pictures that fall over or down on the birds.

If the room gets near 80 degrees, then you will need to find a solution for cooling off the room. If you just barely crack the window, like so small there is NO WAY that the birds can reach the screen or get trapped in the crack, then I personally feel this would be fine.

Feb 15, 2012
Thank you
by: Toni

Thank you, Linda. But how is letting my birds freely in a bird proof room cruel, and, they have food access at all times, I don't neglect my little birds. It's just the temperature that gets hot. Well, you're the expert I should get them in the cage ASAP then, it's saddening to watch the birds try and open the cage doors though.

Feb 14, 2012
What is the ideal temperature for birds?
by: Linda

First, letting them "roam around" your bedroom is very unsafe. They need to be caged for their own health and well-being. They need to have access to water all the time, and the cage provides a safe place for therm to be when you cannot watch them all the time.

So, get them into a roomy cage with safe natural wood branch perches, food and water and a grate in the bottom to keep them away from their own poop.

Closing them up in a stuffy room will kill them. Opening a window can also kill them if they decide to chew the screen and get out. Basically, the issue here is not the temperature as much as it is needing to change the way you keep your birds entirely before they are dead from neglect.

Get a cage for these birds, bring them into the living area. They can still sleep in their cage in your room, but how you are keeping them is cruel because they WILL get hold of something that kills them in your room. It's just a matter of time, and this is a guarantee. If you love them, keep them safe in a cage where they have room to play and flap their wings. Take them out to play with them, but give them a safe place to be when not with you. This is basic how to take care of a parrot.


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