What is this? Screaming Cockatoo

by Marjorie
(Rockford illinois)

My rose breasted cockatoo well hang upside down from the top of his cage and flap his wings and scream. I tell him to stop it, and cover him up, he well stop when i cover him and say, bad boy,be a good boy.He won`t do that screaming and flapping when covered.But if i uncover him he sometimes starts again. Does anyone else have this problem with their rose breasted cockatoo or other parrot?

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Dec 29, 2012
What is this?
by: Marjorie

I was afraid that maybe he was having a seizure or something. He flaps his wings and screeches and then falls to the bottom, but if everyone thinks he`s playing then i feel better.

Dec 29, 2012
Screaming Cockatoo
by: Lee

I live in Australia, Cockatoos as you know are wild here and they are very noisey. They screach and squark and sound like something you would expect from a Pterodactyl. They also like to eat window frames and flyscreens. I was going to get on of these because they are funny, mischeivous and very entertaining. I however live in an apartment and fear it would drive the neighbours nuts so I opted for an Eclectus. He is generally quite and makes little noises and talks to himself. He does however have his moments sometimes.

A cockatoo is not a good bird if you are sensitive to noise.

Dec 27, 2012
What is this? Screaming Cockatoo
by: Linda

I agree with the last writer. Toos are very animated about their play, and most play is filled with either talking loud or screaming. Birds who are not taken out and played with enough will also scream until you get the message that they need interaction with their human flock.

To cover him like you are doing is cruel, and to tell him he's a bad boy for being himself is also cruel.

I think you should begin the search for a new home with people who understand the nature of parrots in general and Toos in particular. Not just any old home either, a good home with people who have or have had Toos in the past. Any one of them will jump at the chance to have your bird. Also don't except to get rich on the sale. This will be a move in his best interests, so keep price low and look for good people. Make a home visit to see how they live. In other words, do your best to find a suitable home for your bird.I feel sorry for this one. You have no idea how lucky you are to have one of these gorgeous pink and gray birds and how much fun they can be. They are highly intelligent, learn quickly and should be honored and respected for being one of the most beautiful birds on the planet. So, they get loud here and there--all parrots get loud and all parrots bite too. Maybe you need to have some other kind of pet because not everyone is cut out for living with birds. Not a judgement against you, just an observation.


Dec 27, 2012
cockatoo screaming
by: Anonymous

Your Rose breasted is just playing. If you can't stand the screaming, you shouldn't have gotten it in the first place!! I'm sorry to be harsh but it really peeves me off when people complain about them screaming. They have just as much right to voice their opinion and play as well as humans do.

By telling him he's bad is just not right. Apparently he must be happy and is showing it by screaming and playing. Maybe you should find him a home where people understand the cockatoos and their habits.

I have 6 cockatoos and somedays it's just like a jungle here, but at least I know they are happy and are having fun. Maybe just buy a set of earplugs.

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