What kind of bird do we have?

by CBennie
(Fairfax VA)



Charlie Again

Hello -
Can anyone kindly tell me what type of bird we have?
"Charlie" was chased into our front by a crow and my husband went to Charlie aid. Charlie let my husband pick him and sat my his shoulder. Needless to say... Charlie liked my husband. We had Charlie a year now, nobody has claimed him and we are wondering details about Charlie as he has become a part of our family now. Any info would be greatly appreicated. Thank you!! CBennie

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Aug 04, 2010
we have a mystery too
by: Anonymous

Asmall green parrot has been flying around here for about 2 years( i have been told) he ofter comes into the garden. The neighbours feed him apples and fruit. What more can we do for it? I dont wanr to cage it but let it fly free if wont come to harm. Is there any other food it need?


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Jul 21, 2010
by: Ginny

I just wonder if you checked with 911parrot alert to see if someone lost this bird and is terribly missing it or would at least like to know that it is found. I would be so upset if my parrot got out and would fear the worst. These little guys cost about $650.00. They are sturdy little birds and it is good that you rescued - just wondering if by chance you checked locally. Sometimes people look for their birds for years and finally are reunited.

Jul 21, 2010
Thanks so much!
by: Charlie

Dear Tracie -wow... thank you for the speedy reply and all the information. It never dawned on me about the cage and we'll look into getting that taken care of asap. The service you are providing is wonderful. I know it must take a lot of your time up and I truly appreicate your response.
With the best of wishes - thank you.


Jul 21, 2010
Type of parrot
by: Ginny

Meyers Parrot - native of Africa. I have a male meyers that is 10 years old now.

Jul 20, 2010
You have a Meyer's Parrot
by: Tracie

You have a Meyer's parrot. You can read more about them on our Meyer's Parrot page.

I am glad he found your home! I must mention that the bar spacing is too large for this bird. The bird should not be able to stick it's head out, as cute as that is. ;-) It is possible that some day he might REALLY want to escape the cage and get his body stuck. They have hollow bones that break easily, so he could die before you even know he is stuck.

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