What kind of parrit is this?

by neil

hi i got this parrot last week and told it was a senegal. bet all my friends have told me its not as it has no gray head? looked on the net and cant find it any where can some help me please. thanks

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Jan 24, 2012
i think it might be......
by: cassidy

.. a kea. i have seen pictures of keas and that looks alot like one. defedently NOT senegal... senegals hae grey head and scarlet/yellow/orange v shapes on their hips. ive never seen a green cheeck before but too me, looks like a kea in that picture.

Aug 22, 2009
Green Cheek!
by: Jenny

That definatly is a green cheeked conure, or a variation of it. Besides the fact that the head is green instead of a grayish brown, it looks just like my GCC.

Mar 08, 2008
NOT a senegal.
by: Anonymous

green cheek conure. or perhaps a maroon bellied conure. they look very similar.

Feb 18, 2008
what kind of parrot is this?
by: Anonymous

green cheek cinnamon conure or just green cheek conure.DEFINAITLY NOT SENEGAL LOOK UP A PICTURE OF A SENEGAL AND A GREEN CHEEK.

Feb 16, 2008
A Green Cheeked Conure?
by: Anonymous

Looks sort of like a Green Cheeked Conure, but not quite. Certainly not a Senegal.

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