what kind of parrot do i have?

they have red beek/eyes, a line around the neck almost like a necklace, green body.

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May 23, 2012
what kind of parrot do i have?
by: Linda

Indian Ringneck Parakeet. You need to do your study on the internet and with books so you can learn about your bird's needs and behavior. This is the only way you can become friends with your bird, so get busy learning.



May 23, 2012
What kind of parrot do I have?
by: Anonymous

From the photo, and what you've described, you have a indian ringneck.

You said there is a ring around the neck, which means it's a MALE.

Females do not have a ring.

Picture shows that the parrot is still rather young. In the juvenile stage nearing sexual maturity. I'd say he is about 2 maybe 3 yrs old.

Ringnacks can be great pets, long as you keep them socialized, introduce new things, and spend quality time with them each day. You will need to make sure he has plenty of toys, especialy foraging toys.
More time spent with them the better the talker they will become.

Ringnecks will need water changed at least 2ce a day as they like to put their food, toys, and other things in their water. This is typical behavior for their breed. Ringnecks are easy parrots to care for.

Always make sure there is a constant food source and a calcium block. Always offer the parrot whatever your eating, He may ignore it the first coupl times, but thats okay. Just put it in a bowl and offer it. Birds are social eaters, they want to eat with you. Do not give red meats, or greasy over seasoned foods. Give in small amounts. Offer fresh fruits and veggies daily.

You'll want to switch him from seeds, to a pellet base diet. His diet should be 80% pellets, 20% Seeds and fresh foods. Introduce pellets slowly into his seed, eventually lessening seed, while increasing pellets. Do this slowly over a month or two. If you notice he isnt eating, start over.
Pellets soaked in orange juice in a bowl seperately will help introduce it into his diet.

remember birds always eat from the higest spot in their cage. You can also have a seperate bowl with just pellets in a higher spot... while a bowl of seed with some pellets at the bottom of the cage. THis way the bird doesnt starve but is still encouraged to eat it.


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