What kind of parrot is this?

by Rosemarie Randolph
(Mayfield, Kentucky)

Jim and Bobo

Jim and Bobo

Help! We have had Bobo about 4 years, eversince his original owner got married and had to get rid of him. We were told that he is a thick-billed parrot, a Parrot-Hill parrot, and a conure. What is he? He is a screamer!!! Good watch dog if someone comes up the drive way, in the yard, or house. But, he also likes to scream at yard birds, squirrels, the tv, and anything else he sees. Including us. When I get really upset I either cover his cage, or put him in another room where he can't see outside. I have tried talking softly, shushing in long stretches to try to get his attention so I can talk softer.Usually nothing works, until he gets ready to focus on something else.

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Jul 22, 2008
Gold Capped Conure
by: Tracie

Hello Jim,

I think you have a Gold Capped Conure. Please look at the picture on the Conure page listed below and then you can read about Daryl's Gold Capped Conure at the next link if you would like to.

Conures can be noisy, that is for sure! My two Green Cheeked Conures are very loud, and they are said to be quiet birds on some websites.

The last link is to our Parrot Training articles. You might find some information there that will help you.




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