What kind of parrot is this?

by Geri Burt
(Caneyville, KY)

My friend was given one of these parrots and we cannot find out what kind it is. Nor can we find any info on where this breed comes from. Please help if you can. Notice red ring around eyes and it also has a long tail.
Thank you.
Geri Burt

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Apr 05, 2015
by: Magnum

THERE ARE NO Yellow Indian Paraqeets This is definitely an indian ringneck parakeet. they have been bread in captivity in the wild in India they are Green with a pink ring round neck pink beak .

An example of this is captive Buggerrgards there are a varity of colors through selective breeding they live wild in AUSTRIALIA in large floks only green in color for camaflargde,
In St James Park, London, there is a folk of Indian green parrakeets roosting in the wild 100s of pairs there has been a documentary on TV

Apr 01, 2013
I want to know more a this bird
by: Joe

They gave my dad a blue and a yellow one of this birds an trying to find out what kind of bird are they and how can you tell which is male or female can someone help me out

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Feb 23, 2013
Spotted a baby one
by: Anonymous

Yesterday afternoon a baby one flew and sat on my parents porch. It looked exactly like one in this picture tried catching it but it flew away after sometime. Are these birds pricey if anyone knows?

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Feb 25, 2012
bird lady
by: Anonymous

what a good friend u have that ringneck parakeet

Sep 09, 2011
indian ringneck
by: Anonymous

This bird is NOT a golden conure. My daughter has a golden conure and they do not have a red beak. This is definitely an indian ringneck parakeet. It most likely is a female.

Do a google search on golden conures and also on "female yellow indian ringnecks" and I'm sure you will find a pic that looks just like your bird on the ringneck pages.

Aug 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

it isn't a queen of bavaria conure. the beak & eye colour isn't right. it's a yellow IRN. if it's a adult it is a female. if it's a juvenile you won't know what sex it is until it matures. males have a ring around their neck. females don't. maturity is about 2 years of age.

Aug 28, 2011
Indian ringneck
by: Anonymous

This bird looks like a female indian ringneck parakeet. Beautiful!!

Aug 28, 2011
What Kind of Parrot is This?
by: Linda

The link below is one for information about the Queen of Bavaria or Golden Conure which is what your bird looks like. If she's not that, then she's a yellow Ring Neck Parakeet. There should be some green feathers in the wings, so if you see that, then you have a Golden Conure. If you don't see any green in the wings, then you have a Yellow Ringneck Parakeet which is a mutatated variety of the Green Ring Neck Parakeet. I did not see any ring on the neck, so follow the link below and see if this looks like your bird with the green in the wing feathers.

If this is your bird, then you can find more information by doing an internet search on either the Queen of Bavaria Conure or the Golden Conure.


Thanks for writing and hope you can find out more about your bird from this.


Aug 27, 2011
by: Anonymous

Looks like a yellow Indian Ringneck Parrot (sometimes called parakeet). The yellow is a mutation (colour). GOOGLE Indian ringneck parrots for information on them. You will also see the original colour of them (green). GOOGLE will also give you the info you need on dieting, care information etc.

If this doesn't get removed you can refer to indian ringneck.com it does have a lot of great general information about them that may help you.

Their diet should be varied. Don't feed only one type of food & few else. Variety is always great & they will love it.

Aug 27, 2011
what kind of bird question
by: Anonymous

this is a yellow indian ringneck... the males get rings around their neck as the females remain with no ring. the normal color is green but they come in all sorts of colors but usually other than green they r hard to find

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