what makes a bird pase

by letesha brown

what makes a bird pase from side to side of the cage

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Feb 24, 2013
Bird pacing back and forth
by: The Avian Vet

Usually it is that they want to come out or get attention in some way. This can be because they are out of food or water, or just want to be with you out of the cage.

Dr B

Feb 24, 2013
Pacing Bird
by: Alex

Sounds to me like boredom.

Do you play with your bird a lot?

Does the bird have plenty of toys that are moved round the cage and removed and replaced with others every now and then?

Does the bird have a bird companion who they could play with?

What type of bird is it?

If you could provide a bit more information, it would help us to help you.

Thanks for taking the time to ask for advice.

Feb 24, 2013
by: Anonymous

Exactly what makes any bird pace from side to side in their cage is either boredom or wanting to some out of the cage. Look at those 2 options. If you cannot allow your bird out for what ever reason or unable to do it often them you need to look at foraging toys & items to keep him occupied. Google parrot enrichment. It gives you 2 free PDF books to download, full of information on making foraging toys & items that will keep your bird happy & occupied.

Editor's note: We also have foraging toys and information on this website. :-)

Feb 23, 2013
what makes a bird pase
by: Linda

Many reasons for pacing birds. One could be too small a cage where bird feels penned in and is losing his mind. All cages need to be at least 2-3 times the size recommended by cage manufacturers. Birds need room to spread their wings fully and flap them without hitting anything in cage including cage bars.

Another reason for pacing is lack of attention. Birds left in cages for days on end become very agitated kind of like a caged lion or tiger. They want to get out and interact with their family.

Reason three is that their diets are not balanced. Being fed human food full of sugar, salt and fat will cause a bird's behavior to change to that of a nervous individual. All birds need to be eating an organic pelleted diet without any additions of human foods, fatty nuts, animal proteins, etc. A diet for a bird is required to keep a bird in perfect health.

Lastly, a bird who is sick can appear to be agitated until they are so sick they are near death. We recommend yearly exams with an Avian Vet only to keep them in good health. Catching an infection or other physical issue quickly makes all the difference in how long it takes a bird to become well again. Once birds are very low health wise, it can take a year or more to bring them even close to good health again. Find an avian vet and have your bird examined before any dietary changes. If cage is too small, get on that right away or your bird will become mentally ill, and they hardly ever come back from that.

Thanks for writing,

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