What may have killed her?

by Devi

I know it says youre not answering questions anymore, but I'd like to still ask this question for anyone to answer.

My 5-6 year old handraised(by myself) Lorikeet was ill. Ive been down with a very nasty flu lately myself, and we had guests, so I just didn't notice until it was too late.
I had noticed she had lost a tiny bit of weight, not enough to be concerning, but assumed that most of the powder in her cage was just crumbs(she wont eat the crumb portion of her Lory powder), so I swapped it out and washed out her water dish while I was at it.

Shortly after, I went down and was sleeping most of the day I was that crook, someone else had been making sure she was covered and uncovered each night and morning, and keeping an eye on her food.

I woke up, April 2nd, and I actually felt okay for once. I was going about my routine, before someone came up to me and said "Your birds sick.", so I instantly rushed to her. 19 years of being around birds, I knew instantly she wasnt going to make it, but I still tried anyway.

I tried perking her up with a warm medicated solution in a syringe, leaving a drop on the side of her beak- she was trying to down it, but itd just come back out her nose. She was having bad trouble breathing. She ended up drewling up what she DID down, and dying shortly after.

Now, she hadn't been the healthiest. I knew she had deformities in her toes and eye shapes, and she had always been a little weird- she also used to make a concerning coughing noise, like a water squirter, almost-

I cant tell if she was sick from the weather and temperature fluctuations, the smoke that blew on her cage that weekend(we had a cloth up to block it, but we couldnt exactly move her cage), from a birth defect with her lungs, or if theres something worrying that we should be concerned may affect our aviary Indian Ringnecks?
We are not having her body checked, as no vets for days can do the procedure, so we just burried her instead.

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Apr 16, 2018
Better place
by: Asif Arain

First of all sorry for your lost i know how it felt to loose a companion pet.
What i read and understand that there was a cloth fire and you covered the cage with another cloth inatead moving the cage to a well ventilated area.
May be she cought up in the smoke.
Secondly when you are the whole and sole responsible for cleaning and spending time with the bird and when you got flu you didn't give her much attention another factor in her illness.
Well she is a better place now.

Apr 16, 2018
Not sure why bird died
by: Tracie

I'm not an avian vet, and even an avian vet could not tell you what happened over the Internet. I'm sorry for your loss.

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