what other bird can i put in with my amazon?

by deirdre

i have an amazon red head whos partner has died what other bird can i put in with it?

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Oct 22, 2012
what other bird can i put in with my amazon?
by: Linda

Very sorry for your loss and that of your bird. You cannot put any other bird with this one right now. I suggest you get another Red Head or Red Lored Amazon and keep it in a separate cage. You can keep the cages close together, but be right there if they are out of cages at the same time to make sure there is no fighting. It would be better if you put the new bird's cage across the room from the one you have now just to make sure they don't fight. The one who lost his mate is in no mood to deal with any kind of aggression from another bird, so make sure new bird's wings are clipped by the Avian Vet who examines new bird.

Have the new bird examined for infections or other physical issues BEFORE it comes home and into contact with your bird because the one who is grieving will have a compromised immune system, and can very easily get an infection from a strange bird. Have only the 4-6 Primary Flight feathers trimmed on the new bird, and these are the long ones at the ends of each wing.Make sure you have bird examined and wings clipped by only an avian vet and not a pet shop employee who sometimes do not know how to do a correct wing trim. They also know nothing about infections or other physical problems birds may have, so do not give any over the counter meds, home remedies because until a bird is diagnosed as to what is wrong, it cannot be treated without endangering its' life.

This exam by an avian vet, before you bring new bird home, is not optional. It is a must considering your bird at home is in a weakened condition from loss of his mate. Birds grieve very similarly to the way humans do when they lose a mate or a long-time caretaker. It takes time to go through the process, and a new bird will help only if it is healthy.


Oct 21, 2012
Bird to be together with Amazon
by: D. Singh

Hi there,

Sorry to hear that one of your birds has died,I also had a lovely little Budgie who died 6 DAYS ago and it hurts so I know. My Budgie used to play and kiss all day with my Orange Winged Amazon and now he is gone but my Amazon still has a Cockatiel for his company so I'm not getting another bird. I can tell you a Budgie will be a very good companion for your Amazon. Amazons and Budgies are good together because they both share a lot of love and kisses. If you'd like to email me I'll send you their photos so you can see for yourself how loving they were to one another. One of them would put their tongue into the other one's mouth. I tried putting a photo here but I don't know how but I can attach one and email it to you. Take care and God bless!

Editor's note: This is an unusual circumstance. It is not recommended for you to ever put a small bird with a large bird.

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