What parrot is best

by Kamran
(Muscat, Oman)

I love parrots and want to buy one or two that are suitable for me and my family. Friends say that an amazon or macaw is very friendly, intelligent and very entertaining and can be taken out of the cage and kept on the shoulders. If they are well trained then they will speak.

I need your sincere advice as well would like to purchase good ones different breeds maybe two

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Nov 09, 2011
What parrot to get
by: Anonymous

A question like this has no easy answer. My best advice is to RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH!! The type of parrot(s) you get will change your life!! (in a good way of course) but it is important to know what you are getting yourself into. Each and every species has its own quirks and personality traits, you will want one that best fits your family and lifestyle. You mentioned a few of interest..Amazons are great birds, however, known to be very clingy to one person and very aggressive to others as they age. If there is children in your family, this is something to think about that the bird can potentially be dangerous. Birds like macaws are great, but yes have huge powerful beaks that you can not be intimidated by or they can cause damage as well. For a first time bird owner it is typically a good idea to start with something of the smaller species that everyone is comfortable handeling, some of those birds include Senegals, Meyer's, Pionus or Conures. Again, even these smaller guys have different personality traits look into what fits best for everyone, including the bird! Also remember that because you are thinking of getting two birds, this will be double the challenge and may prolong taming and bonding, especially if the two decide to bond with each other instead of you! They may not be able to live together either so that means two cages, double the food, double the noise, double the mess. One more bit of important advice is to maybe go to a breeder or pet shop that sells parrots, and spend a good amount of time interacting with them on different occasions and observing them so you can get a feel for what suits best. Owning a parrot(s) (I have 3!!) is a fun rewarding an challenging experience but certainly all worth it. Goodluck with your search!!

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