What sex is my African grey?

by Birgit
(Athens, Greece)

I know that normally only a DNA test can 100 % tell the sex, but I saw that my CAG sometimes is kind of blinking with his genital area and usually also quite exited at the same time. Can this give a hint to his sex?

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May 22, 2012
What sex is my african grey?
by: Anonymous

Typically you need a dna test to tell what the gender of your grey is. However, there are some charactoristics that can help determine sex, but not 100% accurate.

The shape of the head. The female's head is a bit more rounded. Males are more squared.

Females have much longer necks than males do.
Under the tail, a female tends to have greyish speckling on feathers, where males will have more of a white.

I was able to have a DNA test done on my grey before I brought her home from the aviary. I'd call around to bird shops and ask if they DNA test.

My bird's DNA test cost $35. They clip the nail so that it bleeds a bit, and rub the blood onto a lab card, and send it off. Takes about a wk to 2 wks for results.

If your bird is consistantly messing with it's genitals, I would take it to the vet and have it examined. Make sure the "fluke" isn't infected.

If there's an infection up inside, there's no way you could know. It's best to consult the avian vet in your area.

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