what sex or type of bird have i got.

by sinead nugent
(armagh, northern ireland)

Possible Jenday Conure

Possible Jenday Conure

my partner came in from work one day and had a cage with him, inside the travel cage was what i think a parrot, my boyfriend worked with a man and he had 3 of them, however this one in question took a dislike to his wife, going down her top, nipping her etc. he gave it to my man as he knew it would go to a good home as i have an avery outseide with lovebirds, cockateels and budgys.
i do not know the details of my bird only that he has a silver ring on his foot with a number on it. my partner has been off work and is unable to get speaking to his friend for other reasons.
can anyone help me with this, i have pictures of percy that i can send. he / she is 2 years old, and is starting to say a few bad words, it squeals at the top of its voice in bad temper and will mutter words under his / her breath, but i can not make out what it is saying.

any help would be wonderfull

many thanks sinead

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May 23, 2011

my bird percy has become most difficult to put up with, squealing from 5amhigh pitched squaels for most of the day.

Editor's note: read articles on Parrot Training page for help and make sure your bird is seeing an avian vet.

Sep 07, 2010
Yes it is a Jenday
by: Anonymous

Hi Senead

Yes you definitely have a Jenday Conure there.

Usually the details of the legs rings worn are only useful for breeders & breeders use them for their own breeding information. It may be no use for you.

You can't visually sex Jendays. The only way is to get a DNA test. As for her bad mouth & temper. She is in a new home now so with some time & patients you may be able to settle down into more of a 'quieter' & more pleasant mood. Their moods & behaviours often come from their upbringing but it can be changed.

Sep 05, 2010
by: Sinead

thanks for the info on percy, its greatly appreciated. i'll get him sorted with a vet who specialises with these sort of birds.
many thanks

Sep 03, 2010
what sex or type of bird have i got.
by: Linda

Sinead, you have a Sun Conure, and you cannot put him with your other smaller birds. He will need to be put into a large cage and kept inside with you. It would also be great for you to do some reading and study about the Conure parrot family and your Sun Conure in particular as they are very interesting birds who are very intelligent and learn quickly either good or bad habits. Though most of the conures are now raised in breeding facilities, they hail from South and Central America. The parrot family are all exotic wild animals and remain so all their lives. They pick up bad habits quickly, and can be turned into the best birdy citizens with some hard work on your parts.

You also need to take Percy to see an Avian Vet in your driving area to have him checked for infections, parasites both inside and out plus some basic bloodwork like CBC, kidney, liver and thyroid/parathyroid function tests to make sure he is okay in those areas. Do this BEFORE any training of any kind because a sick bird cannot learn and will only get sicker.

Since you are already familiar with the birds, I feel this will be a wonderful experience for you and wish you the best of everything. Write to us anytime about anything as we are here for you and for your birds optimum health and well-being. We sometimes even step just a bit on someone's toes, and this is in the best interests of their birds' because we actually care about people and their precious birds.

Thanks so much for writing,

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