What should a 39 day old Alexandrine be doing?

by Jillian
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

i have a new baby. i am new to this game. how active should he be? what behaviour should i expect at this age?

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Oct 24, 2011
Baby Alexandrine
by: Anonymous

You said 39 days old? Well, you did not mention if you are doing this, but to answer your question, he should be still on baby parrot handfeeding formula 3-4 times a day.. Are you doing that? As a new bird owner I must assume that you may have no idea about this. He must be weighed every morning on a gram scale to monitor weight, fed his formula at the right temperature, consistency, and proper amount throughout the day. If this is not being done, your baby will starve to death. He must be in a warm room in a cage with LOW perches Better yet a glass aquarium with perches laid down so he can learn his footing without taking a large fall. You should have him exploring fruits and veggies as well as a high quality pellet diet such as Harrisons, however, he will not be weaned from formula until about 3-4 months old. He must be taken to an avian vet right away to check overall health and make sure free of disease or bacterial infections. I do hope all of this is being done to care for your new baby. Goodluck!

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