what should i do my cockatiels eye is red and swollen?

my cockatiel playfully bite my partners toe last night and my partner by reaction kicked the bird and the bird went into the lounge and then fly up to the pillow on the lounge. he was shaking he s head a bit at first and then feathers fell out but on one particularly eye is all red and swollen around the eye and half close.little water but not much.
my cockatiel acts fine talking, walking , flying ok- just squinting sometimes eating and drinking ok.
i worried if i should do something it doesnt look good.
wondering if i can have your expertise on this matter ..
thank you

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Aug 01, 2011
what should i do my cockatiels eye is red and swollen?
by: Linda

First of all, kicking a defenseless little bird can break hollow bones not to mention putting out an eye. Get this bird into be examined by an Avian Vet immediately. Only an Avian Vet can help you because dog and cat vets are not even licensed to care for birds.

Learn what you need to learn about birds, and let there be no more kicking. It does not matter that it was a reflex action as this needs to be under control when you have a parrot. Parrots bite even after they ar tame as they are exotic wild animals and act like that much of the time. We cannot hit them every time they do bite or birds would all be dead or maimed for life. Control your reflexes and practice doing so. This means, DO NOT REACT TO A BITE EXCEPT TO GENTLY MOVE INTO THE BIRD WHICH WILL MAKE IT LET GO. Do not jerk back or worse yet kick out. If your bird is not damaged for life it will be a very happy day.

Have the Avian Vet examine bird for broken bones and make sure he looks at eye to see if bird can even use it anymore.

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