What should i do

by douglas

My lovebird was very tired, lethargic, and puffed up. she has no respitory problems. we took her to a vet, and we got antibiotics. Is this typical with lovebirds? will the antibiotics work? And is it fatal?

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Aug 26, 2009
Sick lovebird
by: The Vet

Your bird is certainly sick. If the antibiotics are not causing improvements within 4-5 days, then you need to have your bird rechecked at the veterinarian. In addition to the antibiotics, it is very important that you give your bird some heat. Use a heating pad on his cage and turn it on high. Keep the cage at 90-95┬║F for the duration of treatment. Also, make sure your bird is eating and drinking. If not, then he needs to be hospitalized.

Dr B

Aug 25, 2009
Sick Bird
by: Linda

Sounds like your bird has a bacterial infection. If treated properly with meds vet gave you, bird should recover nicely. In future, be very careful with your bird. Birds only have gram positive bacteria in their bodies while people, animals, basically all mammals carry gram negative bacteria that can be spread by kissing bird, feeding bird by mouth, coughing around bird without covering face, sneezing, and if a human is sick, just breathing around the bird while cleaning cage and feeding and watering can pass the infection on. Birds do not "get over" their infections, and have to be treated each time they get one or they will die. If you or other caretaker are sick, please put a mask on when around bird, cage, and food and water dishes and food.

So, keep all this in mind when you decide you want to kiss your bird or, God forbid, feed it food from your mouth. Birds can also contract these infections from being allowed to play with pet dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. Keep your bird up off the floor and away from all these extra sources of infection. Also keep cage clean as well as food and water dishes and food. Fruit and veggie food must be removed within an hour and dishes washed or bird can get bacteria this way or even salmonella poisoning if food has been left for a longer period.

Hope this helps and good luck with your getting your birdy back to health. He needs lots of rest, good clean water and nutritious food while recuperating.


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