What species is my bird pet ?

by Daniel

I have this bird from a fried who now has a child, and gave the bird to me beacause of it.
Now me and my folks take care of it. But in order to do that I need to know what species it is to know more about it.
I think is a species of parrots but my friend said something about peruse. If you could tell me will be great. Thanks!

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Jun 28, 2011
by: Daniel

Thanks a lot. This helps me. Now I can find more about them and how to care for him. Is indeed a Perus (in Romanian) but I was mistaken with the English word Peruse.
Thanks again!

Jun 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

Yes you do have a budgie. That is the common name for them here in Australia & a common & popular pet.

GOOGLE budgie care, budgerigah or 'parakeet' care to get plenty of information on them. Be ware if you google 'parakeet' you might get other parrots that are a type of parakeet but not this one. 'Parakeet' simply refers to a small parrot with a long skinny tail. The term parakeet for this parrot has been adopted by the United States of America as this is what they commonly call the bird. It is in fact a budgerigah anywhere else & the 'true' name of the bird in it's native country (as well as the spelling).

Jun 27, 2011
Budgerigar parakeet
by: Tracie

You have a Budgerigar, a small parrot native to Australia. We call the Budgie parakeets here in the United States. Please take a look at our Budgie Parakeet information page for more information.

I suggest you find a bird breeder in your area and ask them for more information on what to feed your bird, because I do not know what is available in your country.

If at all possible, try to find healthy pellets, like Harrison's, because an all seed diet will make your bird unhealthy and die at an early age. Seeds are great for wild birds that fly around and forage for food, but they are too high in fat for birds that are caged.

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