What to do with the eggs?

by Cathy
(Los Banos, CA)

I have a female Eclectus that has laid two eggs. What should be done with the eggs? Should they be removed right away, or should they be left in the cage for some time. How often do they lay eggs?

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Sep 08, 2010
What to do with the eggs?
by: Linda

How often birds lay eggs depends on the birds, so it is hard to say. Some females never lay eggs and some will lay a number of them and then stop. If she continues to lay eggs in rapid succession, you will need to take her to an Avian Vet to be examined for physical problems. I do not recommend giving birds hormones or anti-depressants either. Animals and birds do not need anti-depressants and the vets giving them need to have THEIR HEADS EXAMINED and leave the birds alone.

You may also want to change her cage around some. Like adding new toys, maybe a new natural branch wood perch or two and see if the new decorating will get her mind off egg laying. It just may work and will be fun for you to do and fun for her to have new toys and perches.

Thanks for writing and keep in touch so we know how all is going here. Your information about what works and what doesn't will help another person having a similar problem.


Sep 08, 2010
Bird laying eggs
by: Tracie

This is a controversial subject. In the future, having fake eggs, like the ones sold at Egg Shop, is the best solution.


If the bird is sitting on the eggs, and you take those eggs away, they might keep laying eggs and their body will suffer. So most vets tell you to let them sit on the eggs until they get bored with them.

There is a possibility that if the egg breaks the bird will eat the egg and die. So many bird owners provide fake eggs to keep this from happening.

Here is an article on Chronic Egg Laying that you should read, so you will understand more about this situation.

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