What to expect in aging love birds?

My 10 year old love bird seems to be becoming weaker is this normal because of the age?

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Apr 03, 2011
10 yr old lovebird
by: Tracie

This is one question only your avian vet, that you hopefully take your bird to every year, can answer.

It all depends on the diet and health of our bird. If your bird is not on an 80% healthy pellet diet, then your bird could be at the end of it's life, due to lack of nutrition or disease.

This is why we take our birds every year for well visits. The Avian vet can monitor what is normal for your bird, so when something is abnormal they know to run tests to see what is wrong.

Otherwise, birds are like people, some live long lives and some do not. But, just like people, those that eat a healthy diet and have a healthy background (healthy parents, healthy diet etc.) usually live longer lives.

If your bird is eating Harrison's pellets and has not had any illness in the past, then I would take the bird to an Find an Avian Vet to find out why your bird is weak.

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