what to feed a baby rainbow lorikeet

by rebecca
(sydney,n.s.w., australia)

hi i would like to know the best food to feed my baby lorikeet and at what age is it best to take it away from the mum to hand raise it. thankyou

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Nov 08, 2017
by: Linda

I was asking the internet. Some adult Lorikeets appeared in my son's magnolia tree and we were trying to see if one would feed from a cup as they do at the zoo. We just were not sure what the liquid was in thee cup. They had a home at the local aquarium but somehow escaped.

Nov 02, 2013
baby birds
by: Anonymous

hi I lorakeet has laid 2 eggs and I just want to know should I be giving the birds more to eat than just dry mix and some apple? will they feed this to the baby birds or do they need something else, do the lorakeets then look after the babies?

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Dec 07, 2012
Re Lorikeets fallen from Nest
by: Anonymous

If this is a wild lorikeet why are you not handing it into the appropriate Wildlife authorities for the proper care and eventual release back into the wild? Don't make pets of wildlife unless they are in such a way that a wildlife vet deems the bird unable to survive in the wild due to irrepairable injury; and the vet deciding whether the bird would make a suitable pet.

Nov 17, 2010
Baby Lorikeet
by: tash

Hello, i have a baby rainbow lorikeet which fell out of its nest. I was just wondering how often i should be feeding it and what i should be feeding it?
When is the best time to try and start weening him from the wet mixture??

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Sep 21, 2009
what can I feed my baby rainbow lorikeet
by: alicia90

I have a baby rainbow lorikeet and I want to no what to feed it.

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Sep 30, 2008
Re: What to feed a Rainbow Lorikeet
by: Kralice4u

I am a breeder of Conures. I always feed Exact formula for baby birds. YOu can get it from the local petstore. There are other brands, but that is my personal favorite. As far as taking it from its mother to handraise, I have done it as early as a day old, but then again, I have over 25 years if experience. What I suggest to new comers is this: If the parents are feeding the baby, do not remove it from the parents for several weeks. Then after those several weeks, you can take it and handfeed it to get it accustomed to humans.
Good luck!

Sep 30, 2008
Feeding baby birds
by: Tracie

Dr. B can not help you with this. What you need to do is contact a breeder in your area that can train you and answer all your questions when things go wrong.

You can not depend on the Internet for the actual experience that you need to care for baby birds. You need to have people that will give you their phone number so you can call them immediately when things go wrong.

For your birds' sake, you need to get some experience. Offer to help a breeder so that you can learn all you can quickly.

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