what to feed baby africian gray

by alexis landskroner
(clovis ca)

i have a baby 4 month old afircian gray parrot what is the best diet for he does not like his pellet food he eats his pablem 3-4 times a day with sirange, fruit, vegs, nuts and gains we travel alot and tale him with us what is an easy food to take for him

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Jun 27, 2009
by: lori

I also give my grey Harrison's but I feed the High potency formula instead of the adult lifetime. Thats what the vet on this website as well as the Harrison's web site reccomend. It took almost a year of offering him pellets to get him to eat them. Keep trying. I can't believe the difference in this birds health and feathers (he chewed them) . He was a 5 year old rescue bird raised on Walmart parrot food. He is now 11 and beautiful.

Jun 25, 2009
by: Linda

The very best food for him is Harrison's pellets (Lifetime Course grind and Lifetime Pepper grind), and they also make a birdy bread mix that is very nutritious and easy to fix for on the road. Use the organic Red Palm Oil in it, and Tracie has that here also. If you are still handfeeding him, it means he has not been weaned yet, and this is where you need to get him off so much seeds and grains and onto a wholesome pellet like Harrisons. Their food is made from organic ingredients, and is manufactured using a "cold extrusion" method instead of hot. The hot extrusion method takes out a lot of vitamins and minerals and even though the bag says 100% nutrition, it is NOT so.

For weaning babies, you must soak most food in a little water to make it soft. This food needs to be changed out every two hours to keep it from becoming rancid and poisoning baby, so don't put a lot of the pellets in at a time. You just add enough water so it will become somewhat softer, so he feels comfortable with it. The birdy bread can be just put in there as is, and make it into birdy size bites so he can really eat it and not just drop it on the floor. Harrisons recommends no vitamin and mineral supplements, and since he's still being handfed, he is already getting enough of that now. In another month, you will need to start cutting the handfeeding down to 2 or 3 times a day instead of 4. As he begins to wean himself onto regular food, and his crop is full every feed, you can then cut down to 2 handfeeds a day. You need to make sure he holds his weight, so get a scale that works in grams. He needs to be gaining a little weight each day for a while. The fruit and veggies he can have with the Harrisons are baked sweet potato (a real favorite), dark green, yellow and orange veggies. Do not feed brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, avocado, onion, and don't feed too much of any one fruit or veggie. The object is to get his pellets into him, and the rest is for special treats and/or training time.The birdy bread mix they make is made using Harrison's plus other tasty nutritional ingredients.

Tracie has some good books out here, and you can also find information by doing google searches on "weaning baby parrots".


Jun 25, 2009
my african grey
by: Lynn

I have an african grey timneh who absolutely refuses to eat pellets. I have tried many different kinds and he still will not eat them. I even tried disguising them in birdie bread and he won't eat the bread. He prefers seeds. He likes safflower seeds. I get him a seed mix with mostly safflower seeds in it. He also likes fruit and veges and I make sure he eats things like that that are good for him. He loves eggs of any kind and peanutbutter on bread. If I were you I would ask your vet what to do and what you can feed him. I am sure they will give you some good advice

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