what to feed my alexandrine parrot?

by siobhan doyle

my parrot is 3-4 years old and i have had him since he was a baby. the vet has told me to feed him lots of fruit and veg and not so much seed, well.. try to get him off seed.. i need to know what safe table foods are heaslthy for an alexandrine parrot. like rice or anything! please help
siobhan xo

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Jan 11, 2012
Getting bird to eat healthy food
by: Tracie

It is difficult for us to suggest things to people in other countries, because we do not know what is available there. I would contact your avian vet for help with what food to feed your parrot.

We DO have our Switching Birds To Pellets article that teaches people how to convert their birds to pellets. You can use the same method for getting your bird off seed and on to the food your vet recommends.

If your bird knows what you are feeding him is food, in other words you have seen the bird eat it at least once, then you can ONLY offer the food you want it to eat in the morning when it is most hungry. Don't even offer seed until later in the day, to encourage the bird to eat the healthy foods you are offering.

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