What type of conure?

by Paul Bentley
(kent uk)

Hi there i have a 3 month old conure (fact) got him from someone who made a mistake buying him (idiot) he is great a right characteur however i need to find out what type he is

he looks like a maroon bellied but all of his tail feathers are red he is to light and scaley to be a green cheeked ( looking at web pics) and not yellow enough for a yellow sided if it wasnt for the tail i would say maroon bellied apparently his tail feathers are fairly knew do they come through red then change on top to green

please advise

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Feb 25, 2013
Adding a picture of your conure
by: Tracie

Unfortunately the way my webhost has this set up, you need to post it as a newquestion on our Parrot Questions page. You will see "Add a Picture/Graphic Caption (optional)" and a "choose file" button.

Feb 25, 2013
Conure I'd
by: Paul Bentley

Many thanks. I'm please to have your advice.
As to friend his loss Defoe my gain
Sad about first bird I will try not to follow suit
You may be right about cross as he looks like maroon except tail looks green cheeked

Downloadable PDFs of basic care, health , feed etc that I can laminate would be a great addition


How do I add pics

Feb 25, 2013
What type of conure
by: Tracie

Your bird may be a mixed breed bird, and may never look like one or the other. All you really need to know is that it is a conure, in order to know how to care for the bird though, fortunately. :-)

If you want, you can post a picture and people may be able to help you guess what the parents were.

Conures should eat about 80% high quality pellets and about 20% healthy treats and that includes seeds. Our avian vet suggests Harrison's or Roudybush pellets. Female conures have a reputation for laying eggs, even though a male is not present. If you are feeding them one of these pellets your bird will NOT become egg bound.

Here is Dr B's Switching Birds To Pellets article.

Hey, go easy on your friend that got the bird in the first place. My heart melted when I saw my first parrot and purchased it. I killed it by feeding it an all seed diet and by following a pet store employee's advice to put vitamins in the water. It was a sad, hard lesson that started me on the road to having this website.

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