what type of parrot are these

by Peter Meagher

Moustached Parakeets / Red-Breasted Parakeets

Moustached Parakeets / Red-Breasted Parakeets

I have just recieved these 2 birds as a present and would like to know what type they are
Thank you for any help

Editor's note: I labeled your picture with the correct names.

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Nov 24, 2012
by: Peter

Thank you all for your information and yes I know the cage is to small and I have bought a bigger one
I know they paid $20 for the pair, is this a good price
once again thank you

Nov 23, 2012
by: Anonymous

WOW, gorgeous Parrots, I personally have never seen this kind. I hope someone will recognize these types of Parrots. I am surprised that whomever gave them to you, didn't at least give you some info on them. I hope you have some Parrot/Bird experience too. lol. / there is alot that comes with having/owning Parrots let alone TWO! The faster you know what they are they better you can research and do what is right by them. I will keep an eye on this posting for some updates. Thanks for sharing!

Nov 23, 2012
what type of parrot are these
by: Linda

I think they are Moustached Parakeets. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moustached_Parakeet

The cage you have them in is not even close to large enough for oen bird much less two birds. The perches are also too small. You need to get them a much larger cage and natural branch wood perches made from safe wood.Perches have to be made of safe wood and large enough for their feet size.

I cannot believe anyone would give you two birds like this when you know nothing about them.This is how birds end up neglected, so don't let that happen with these.

You'll have to learn, and you have to get the right kind of perches and food for them too. You have to do this right away because the cage they are in is only large enough to use as a travel cage to the Avian Vet. You will also need to take them to an Avian Vet to be examined for infections or other physical issues.

Your birds will die without proper care, so it is now your job to use the internet to learn all you can about them and to get them into the right kind of living environment.It is also your job to find an Avian Vet in your area so they can be taken care of properly when ill or injured. I wish you the best of everything because you have a beautiful pair of birds here. If they are not tame, you'll have to learn to do that as well. Good luck and take care.


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