What type of parrot is this? South Florida

by Bryan
(South Florida)

Hello. I was on a rooftop in Miami, FL and saw a group about 20 small - medium sized parrots. At first I thought they were Quaker parrots, as we have thousands of them here, but as I got closer to them I noticed they were a little larger and had red on their heads. They almost looked like a small version of an amazon. They were very curious of me and somewhat friendly. Attached are a couple photos, anyone know what type of parrots they are? Thanks, Bryan

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Jun 02, 2013
Birds on Rooftop
by: Squawk Quaker

Those are mitred (or red headed) conures - there are large flocks of these in south florida

And the movie Paulie was a blue crowned conure

Both are very intelligent birds

Dec 29, 2012
i think...
by: diana

i think it a pionis parrit

Dec 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

These small parrots are called Cherry Headed Conures.

There is a movie out called Paulie. You should watch it and the same parrot is in the movie.

Dec 04, 2012
What type of parrot is this? South Florida
by: Linda

They very well could be Red Lored Amazons. They could also be one of the Conures. They look a lot like the Red Lored Amazon, and I have two of them. If they are about 13" tall, then I would have to say Red Lored Amazon, and I have no idea what they are doing living in the wild. Sometimes parrots fly away from their people, and if they meet up later, then small or large flocks can be formed. This is very harmful to the natural wild birds in any area as the introduced birds eat their food.

If they are friendly enough to entice into a cage with some food, you may want to catch them and take them to a local SPCA or Humane Society so they can place them back in human homes. Do not hurt them to do this. Just set up a cage nearby with door open and food and water inside. They may or may not go into cage. Once they are comfortable with feeding in this way, you may be able to just go to cage and shut the door. Take some time with this because if they've been in the wild for long, they will be very wary of enclosed spaces where there is no exit just like a naturally wild bird in the area.

Thanks for writing,

Dec 04, 2012
Conure family
by: Asif Arain

My knowledge is not enough to tell you about
The breed, by seeing the attached picture I can sure
Say these parrots belongs to Conure Family. It might be
Pentagonian conure or some other breed. Miss Linda
Will surely help about this just wait for her comment

Dec 03, 2012
mitred conure
by: Anonymous

Looks like a Mitred Conure but the is a bit hard to tell exactly what markings there are & where they are.

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