whatkind of parrot am i??

by carmella



i would like to know ifanyone knows what kind of parrot this is? i just got it and want to reasearch and learn all about it so i can be sure that i am properly caring for it! it is very tameand freindly it can say hello and whistle and wave hi! also says something that resembles cacapoopoo??it is geen with a red and orangish beak, has a ring around neck pink on back of neck and black under neck also has purple spoton each wing!!

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Nov 11, 2009
I just rescued one
by: Anonymous

About 2 months ago I rescued a parrot just like this , he is a bit nippy but the more I play with him the better he is , only problem I have is he does not know how to "step up" He must have not been trained properly I find he is fine when i am face to face with him but sometimes i try to approach him and he bites and that beak can hurt you!!!!
Good luck with yours and keep us up to date!!!!

Nov 06, 2009
whatkind of parrot am i??
by: Rhonda

It is an Alexandrine Parakeet, also called Large Indian Parakeet or Greater Rose-ringed Parakeet. Looks like a male since it has the ring. They are great birds. If he is tame, keep getting him out, or they can get nippy. Sometimes, they'll bond with one person, then switch to another.

Good Luck!

Oct 07, 2009
Indian Ringneck parrot
by: Tracie

You have a beautiful Indian Ringneck! I have an article on parrot health on our Parrot Training page.

It sounds like you are doing a great job, if the bird is already waving! LOL You seem to be a natural parront (parrot parent) and the bird seems to really love you.

Please feed your new friend a healthy pellet diet like Harrison's and very little seed so that he will live a healthy long life.

If you need help switching to pellets, there is an article on our Parrot Training Page that is linked above on switching birds to pellets.

Please submit your parrot story and picture so others will know what it is like to live with an Indian Ring Neck. There is a button on the left of this page under Information.

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