Whats the longest time for African Greys eggs to hatch

by Melba B
(Royal Oak , Mi.)

My african grey laid her 2 eggs 32 days ago.Reading about this birds first clutch is it safe to remove the eggs assuming they are not fertile and wont hatch?When is it safe to remove the eggs ?

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Feb 04, 2014
african grey
by: jock

My african grey laid 4 eggs female and male are very active in and out the nest how long after the first chick is hached can I remove it.

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Oct 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

hi my hen just statred to lay today but the cock gey keeps going in and she ges off it nd he burries it wot can i do !!! thnks

Aug 17, 2011
Afrian Grey eggs
by: Anonymous

In my experience if it's the first clutch they should hatch. If they don't wait till the hen leaves the nest and resumes prior normal activites. Some times they will just stop nesting and leave the eggs. They may break the eggs. Or they will leave they and you then have eggs to put on diplay.If you remove them when they are finished, make sure you put a pin hole and empty the egg or it will turn black. I guess you could paint it if you leave the egg alone.

MAKE SURE THE BABIES HAVE A SOFT PACKED FLOOR SO THEY CAN STAND. A slippery floor ccan end up with splayed leg chicks' This can be fixed if it happens. You have to put the chick ( 2 months old) in foot and leg splints and in a special box of 6 to 8 weeks and then take off the splints. not and easy thing to do. Card board and the streachy bandage rapping will make the splints.

Also if you touch the chicks the parents may stop feeding them and you then need to know how to hand feed.

Leaving the babies with the parents for 2 to 3 months makes for a better adult parrot. you stil need to hand feed for several months before they can start feeding them selfs. you will have the best Greys this way.

There's a lot to learn. Good luck!

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