whats wrong with my indian ring neck

by jane

I just got a new Indian ring neck I think it is about 10 weeks old. It was OK for about 4 days although I noticed it wasn't very steady on its feet. Found it at the bottom of the cage thought it was dead but picked it up and it was OK. I think it has hurt its foot or leg it cant go on the perch. So it is on the ground is eating and drinking fine but just can't go on the perch what do I do. Very worried.Jane sa

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Dec 26, 2011
Indian ringneck
by: Anonymous

It is likely that your bird is starving to death... At 10 weeks old he should be eating a baby bird formula fed to him by syringe at least 3 times a day... If you are not doing this..this is your problem and he will die of starvation!!! Take him back to the breeder asap and demand he be fully weaned before bringing him home.. Thats if he lives until then. Please help try and save this baby's life!!

Dec 26, 2011
Indian ring neck weak
by: Tracie

At that age, it may not be fully weaned. Please call your breeder right away, or Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird today. It may be ill, or just may be starving.

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