When do Alexandrine Parrots get ring?

by Laurie
(San Diego ca)

What is the earliest age that an alexandrine parrot can get his ring? I'm interested in a 2month old baby and the breeder says he's starting to get what looks like his ring but says he's never seen it that early.

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Sep 15, 2013
1st Moult
by: Cathy

My Alexandrine Boris has just had his first moult, he is 10 months old. His black ring is almost complete. This happened within two weeks. He has a very slight showing of the pink. I think this will be complete on his next moult. I wasn't expecting to see so much black so soon !!!

Sep 02, 2011
Alexandrine Ring
by: Anonymous

Don't be fooled by the baby alexandrine ring, many females have it too, its called a ring shadow and it disappears after the first moult. The real ring on the males starts to appear at around 15 months of age.
The best way to tell with a young alexandrine what sex it is is to look at the beak. Males have a darker, reddish beak while females have a lighter pinkish beige beak. The males also have a bigger head and higher body weight.

Dec 21, 2008
by: Anonymous

Hi just letting you know my alexy was 2 months when ig to hima nd developing his ring, i got him tested and he was a male so i guess it happens

Nov 08, 2008
Age the Alexandrine Parrot gets a ring
by: Tracie

Hello Laurie,

You are correct, and I am sorry I just now discovered your question never got answered! Here is what I know about this question:

The male Alexandrine will start to show some color at around 1 year of age. At that time a normal Alexandrine Parrot will start to show a black and pink neck ring. By 2 years old this neck ring is usually fully developed. Hens do not get the neck ring but they do get a chestnut colored patch on the shoulder area of their wing like the males do.

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