when do i stop feeding my indian ring neck parrot

by Andrea

my indian ringneck parrot is 11 weeks now and im still hand feeding him i was feeding hime 3 times a day and i have now started feeding him 2 times a day when will he start eating on his own?

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Nov 21, 2011
when do i stop feeding my indian ring neck parrot
by: Linda

Weaning is a process, and it does not happen immediately.

To make sure he is getting enough food, keep a close eye on him, and if he cries a lot or otherwise acts hungry, then feed him the handfeeding formula another time a day.

I recommend you wean your baby onto a high quality organic pellet like Harrison's or one of the other good ones found here. If you can get this type of item into your country, then order it here. If not, then look at places in your area for organic pellets. Choose organic because they are free from preservatives, dyes, pesticide/fertilizer residue.

Start by adding a small amount of warm boiled or otherwise purified water to the pellets. Baby birds cannot shell seeds, and so the pellets would be better. Add only enough water to get food moist not swimming in water as this causes digestive upsets. After morning feed, put a small amount of this food in a regular feeding bowl for your bird. This moist food has to be changed out every two hours, so use small amounts of the pellets so you aren't wasting so much of it. There will be waste until bird starts to eat more of it, so don't worry about this. If you've taken him down to two feeds a day, then make a note of how much(how many pellets) he's eating between morning and night feeds. He will be slow to start eating, and does need to be hungry to see the logic to eating pellets.

Continue this for as long as it takes making sure you keep feeding him twice a day until you see more pellets eaten on a daily basis. Object is to NOT starve bird because this is dangerous. You can also add a small amount of cooked veggie matter like a little bit of baked sweet potato in with the pellets as this may entice him to eat both. Rinknecks are not much for fruit, and you can try offering small amount of diced apple as most like apple. Make sure fruit and veggie food is fed in very small amounts because object is to get bird to eat 80-85% of his diet in pellets with only 10-15% in any kind of veggie or fruit.

As he becomes more able to eat more of the pellets and small amounts of fruit/veggie food, you'll be able to begin thinking of cutting his feeds down to once a day. Make sure his crop is full more times than not before cutting down anymore on the formula. As said before, do not starve your bird because this is not productive and will result in a sick bird.

It can take a month for weaning or more in some cases. Baby bird equates handfeeding with love, so continue taking him out and touch and pet him during the weaning process so he does not feel he's "lost" you. You are his Mother. He is a baby, so teach him to like what is good for him. Feed NO people food or sweets all of which are junk food and will make him sick sooner than later.

Also find an Avian Vet in your driving area to have him checked out if you see any signs of illness.


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