when owners travel

by Jerry Reynolds
(Middle Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia, Canada)

If Jardine's parrot owners travel, and it is not possible to take him with us, what is the best remedy? Should we have someone come to him a couple of times daily, or should he be taken to someone for the length of travel, ie. 1 week for instance?

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Jan 18, 2014
Travel, what I do
by: Jan M Smith

I have 8 parrots, (soon to be 9), as I rescue, and when we travel, which is not often, I have a person come into our home. My options are that I have a known person who is familiar to my birds that will come in if he is available, lives in my neighborhood, that I trust and I also have a bonded pet sitting service that I have found that I trust if he is not available. I personally prefer to NOT take the out of their environment as they are most at comfort there. As long as someone I trust will come in daily, is available to me by phone, will go back if need be, feeds and waters them, I am comfortable. Also, I have a home alarm system that has a home video system, which I have not installed as of yet. I intend to do that this year so that I can look at them from a far away place to ease my mind wherever I am. They are my loves. I understand that while I am gone they will most likely only get a treat with their pelleted diets, but if I go away, I need to go and I take such good care of them, I need my time sometimes as well.

Jan 18, 2014
Care for birds when leaving home
by: Tracie

We prefer to have someone come a couple of times a day to visit the birds and care for the birds. If you have hand-tame birds, then have the person come for a week or so as often as possible to handle the birds BEFORE you go, so the birds won't get freaked out.

We have also boarded our birds with the breeder we purchased our birds from. In all honesty though, it freaked the birds out and they took about a week to get back to normal when we got back.

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