when to vaccinate?

Hello, I just got a Solomon Island Eclectus. I was wondering when do I need to take in my Parrot to get vaccinated? She was vaccinated on Aug 15,2008 and two booster shot in Sept. One on Sept 8,2008 and Sept 29,2008.She was born on May 7,2008. I have finches also in my household do they carry any disease I should worry about for my parrot?

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Mar 08, 2009
When to vaccinate birds
by: The Vet

Yes, you need to have an annual booster for the vaccine. Finches can carry Polyomavirus, so for sure vaccinate you parrot. (I have some clients who vaccinate finches too). There are rarely exchange of diseases between parrots and finches since they do not come into physical contact. So, keep them separated and they should be OK. Of course, keep their cages clean to prevent harboring bacteria that could infect each of them.

Dr. B

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