When will Eclectus talk?

by Karen
(Exeter, California)

I just purchased a Male Eclectus. He is going to be six months old. He is very sweet and has become very attached to me. Would like to know when they start to talk. I have been spending time talking to Murphy, easy words, Hello, Hi, Hello Mama, that's about it.

Haven't heard from him as yet. I am a little worried that he may not talk. I have two Umbrellas' adopted, they don't talk. The female says Hi and her name. The male was neglected and wild, but has become very sweet and cuddly. I do know cockatoos do not talk very well, I am fine with that.

Murphy has me concerned, should he be talking by now, maybe just HELLO? Thanking you in advance, Karen

Oh yes, he was raised by a very reputable breeder in my area, she just didn't spend too much time talking to him while hand feeding.

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Jan 14, 2009
When will bird learn to talk?
by: Tracie

There are not any set rules when it comes to birds talking. My mom had an African Grey that NEVER talked even though she was in the same room with the bird 24/7 for years. It was hand raised also.

Talking to your bird and bonding with your bird is good. I am not an expert at this, but there are several books and DVD's and also Chet's courses.

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