when will he talk

by nicole
(windsor ontario)

I just got a parrot I was told he is a baby I also got a male cause I was told they learn to talk before a female parrot.. how ong will it take for him to talk or even come out of his cage I leave it open durn the day but he won't come out and I talk to him off and on all day but he just cherps at me... should my family and I stick to teaching him to say one thing at a time or dose that matter?

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Feb 25, 2013
when will he talk
by: Sandra D Singh

Hi Nicole,
I bought my Orange-Winged Amazon Parrot when he was three months old and soon he'll be 5 years. His very first word was hello, when he was just five months old and he said it repeatedly. When he was seven months he said his name and learned to whistle. By the time of his first birthday he was saying and doing many things; he's a real sweetheart.
I do work from my home so I'm always speaking to him throughout the day so he learned very quickly.
Regular interaction with your bird is the key to him learning to speak faster and from very young. The more you talk and play with him the faster he'll bond with you and trust you. He'd learn so many things that you'll be surprised when he shall blurts them out unexpectedly.
As you said, you were told that the male learns to talk before a female. I really can't say which gender talks before which, but what I do know, whether male or female they all can talk. ALL that I've ever known and I do know alot; blue or yellow headed, which ever ones, they can all talk and some are real chatterbox.
Nicole, you didn't say what kind of parrot you've but the ones that I'm speaking about are Amazons.
In the country where I'm originally from, we do NOT buy any birds except Macaws and African Greys etc. Everyone that I know caught their birds in the forest or a friend caught it and it was given to them. Almost everyone that I know, have a parrot or parrots in their homes and many other types of birds. I've grown up among birds and taking care of them as well; very young ones, even without feathers. The one I had before migrating to Canada was my mom's bird that she'd WILLED to me before she'd passed in 1999; I grew up with him. I'd him for 3 years and then he passed in 2002; he was 58 years old.
I'm now in Toronto and I've three lovely birds, a four year old Amazon soon to be 5, a four year old Peach-Faced Lovebird and a three month old Fischer's; they're very precious!
About your bird coming out his cage, he should come out as soon as his cage is opened; that's what all my birds have done in the past and are presently doing. By the way, I'm ONLY telling you what I've experienced but bear in mind that ALL BIRDS ARE NOT THE SAME; all children are NOT the same. I think that you should give him some more time, bond with him and earn his trust; show him a lot of love, speak softly to him and say his name when speaking to him. Nicole, you should talk to him as you'd talk to a small child but NOT any baby talk. Teach him to talk JUST as you'd like to hear him talk.
And NO, do NOT teach him to say one thing at a time. If you're giving him food, let's say his name is Paul, say it's time for Paul's food, mommy is giving Paul his food, do you like food? oh, mommy loves food! Time to play, you say the same thing, Paul, it's time to play, do you want to play with mom? Come on let's play, come on Paul let's play baby! Makes it play excited.

Feb 25, 2013
When will bird talk
by: Anonymous

Just like the other comments below, there is no guarantee that your bird will ever talk. Unfortunately that's the one thing most people expect when they get a bird, it's sort of a novelty to have a pet speak human words. When people come over and see my bird, the first thing they ask is if she talks. I have had my parrot for three years now and she doesn't speak human words but clearly understands everything I say and answers me with different chirps and noises. She has a chirp for "thank you" a different chirp for when I ask if she wants lunch or a treat and yet another chirp when I ask her if she wants to go to bed. I say "do you want to go sleep?" And she answers with a two chirp sound that imitates the way I say "go sleep". She has learned to whistle and can do the "wolf whistle", the "call the doggie" whistle and is currently working on the theme to the Andy Griffith show. So even if your bird never learns to imitate a spoken word, it can still communicate with you.

Feb 25, 2013
when will he talk
by: Anonymous

Depending on the breed of parrot, depends on how early they will talk. Even then, there's no garrantee they will talk ever.

Some parrots just dont. And weather or not it's male or female, makes no difference. I own both male and female birds, my females are better talkers than the males.

I have a female Grey, she's 18 months old and has a vocab of 100+ words, along with sound FX.
At the age of 6 months, she was talking, which isnt unheard of them talking before a year, but most greys typically learn around a yr to 2 yrs.
once she learned her first words, she's not stopped talking since. She talks constantly.

Macaws marure slower than greys, and typically take longer to wean. So it takes them a bit longer to learn to talk.

Personally, to get my birds interested in talking, I make my voice sound very excited, talk in a slightly higher pitch, and try to make learning into a game when possible. When my birds try to repeat the word, they get treated. This encourages them.

Play peek-a-boo with your bird. Hide around a corner say peek a boo, then pop your head out say I see you. This gets the bird interested. If the bird drops something, say Uh-oh! Put words to actions. These have always worked for me.

I clean the cages, and say whew hard work, and then All gone, All clean... and my bird have picked up on it. Now they dump toys off the cages and say all clean! Whew hard work! They also say uh-oh, all gone when they drop stuff as well.

Birds can learn words to actions, So teach them that way. Make it exciting and fun! and always give them a treat or pets when they say what you want!

Feb 25, 2013
When will the parrot talk
by: Tracie

Wow, I am so glad you wrote! First of all not all birds learn to repeat words. My mother owned an African Grey, known for talking up a storm. She spent all day in the same room with the bird, accept for going out to get the mail and grocery shopping. She talked to the bird, kept in on a parrot stand next to her chair during the day.

My mom's bird only learned a few words and mostly repeated microwave and phone sounds. At first she was disappointed, but honestly love for the bird became more important than showing off a bird. You don't have to have a bird repeating words to have a sweet relationship with it. :-)

Do NOT leave the cage door open all day long unless the bird is locked in a completely bird safe room. This includes that you take off your shoes before coming into the room so you don't bring in something toxic on your shoes and leave it on the floor for the bird to chew.

I know of many birds that have died chewing their way through the underside of a couch, getting trapped in a mouse trap, chewing on some toxic souvenir etc.

You are doing good by sitting there talking to him. Birds seem to learn things we say with emphasis, that is why they learn curse words. ;-) So saying "Hi" or whatever you want the bird to learn differently than the way you normally speak will possibly get more attention.

We have some training materials on our Parrot Training page and you can find more in the Internet and your local library too probably.

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