When will the eggs hatch?

my blue crown conure has layed 4 eggs and it's been about 4 weeks now and he first one layed on Memorial Day may 25. So shouldn't have that one hatched already? It's June 29 do you think they are not fertilized?

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Jun 30, 2015
Are eggs fertile?
by: Tracie

I am suspecting you are not a breeder, so pardon me if you are.

If the bird does not have a mate, the eggs are for sure not fertile. If it does have a mate, then you can candle the eggs to see if they are fertile. I doubt they are.

Before allowing your birds to mate and have chicks, please develop a relationship with an experienced breeder, and help them with their birds. So many things can go wrong, it is best to have experience and an experienced breeder to talk to.

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