where do eclectus parrots live?

by kate

where do they live

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Dec 04, 2013
Color of Solomon eclectus
by: parrot 10

Solomon eclectus female are red with blue or lavender-purple. Some have yellow tails band and vent. They also have jet black beak.

The males beautiful shades of emerald green. Depending on the spicies, some have red on the sides of the wing and might have some blue inside. To be honest,i got some of this information from the pet wiki.com

If you own a Solomon eclectus than you cannot give it a small cage. It needs space too. Take super good care of your bird! thankyou!

May 25, 2009
Eclectus Parrot Origins
by: Tracie

I am supposing that you are asking where were they originally found? They originated from the Cape York Peninsula of Australia, the islands of Indonesia, the Solomon Islands, and New Guinea.

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