which gender talks better

by mai
(syd nsw)

hi ive got a ALEXANDRINE and i just wanted to no what gender talks better or learn faster dou no????

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Nov 04, 2009
which gender talks better
by: Linda

Both genders can learn to talk equally as well. Some birds do not enjoy learning to talk or they will talk less than others. Birds are individuals and some are more outgoing while some are more introverted. As for the gender having anything to do with it, it does not.

It will take your bird some time to get used to his new home, and during that time may talk in his/her native language and won't be interested in learning english words for a while. Birds pick up words and sounds they like and that are said with some emotion behind them. They're really good at picking up cuss words, and once learned, it is very hard to get them to not say it, and this was, unfortunately, learned by me the hard way!!! Birds respond better to a womans voice for some reason, and a higher pitch to words you are wanting them to learn helps too. Just don't become consumed about your bird talking because parrots have many facets and a lot more to offer than just talking.

We have a middle-aged pair of Amazons, and the male has a very large, extensive vocabulary. He even puts short sentences together to ask for what he wants or to make us aware of something. The female talks Amazonese and can say a very perfect HELLO when she feels like it but no more. Her name is Stella Eloise, and Eli, can even say her name though it sounds like Stea Eowee.

A really good diet is a must for overall health and well-being and good talkers come out of good eaters. We feed Harrison's organic pellets, some fruit, veggies and I bake up Harrisons Birdy Bread mix for treats a few times a week. It is important to change the birds over from all seed diets which are missing vital nutrients, and birds suffer long and short-term from a lack of proper nutrition. Tracie carries the Harrisons and a few other organic pelleted diets out here, and the change does take some time.

If you've not taken your new bird to an Avian vet, you need to do this soon as you can. Birds in transition have lowered immune systems leaving them open to infections, so get him a clean bill of health, start him on a great diet and then get to know him. It takes birds time to trust their new people, and the trust is earned not freely given--keep this in mind. Once bonded and trusting, you will not find a more loyal friend on the planet. ENJOY!!!


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