which is a better pet bird to have?

My husband and I both want to get a bird, we have limited our selfs down to two choises an 8 month old peach face conour or a 3 year old quaker. the quaker has lived with adults and a dog. the peachface is at a bird store and gets a lot of interaction with people and the mans 2 dogs. we have 2 boys 13 and 9 and 5 little dogs. we both work so I can only devote 5 hours or so a day. I want to be able to take my new girl/boy on outings with me. please let me know cause i am kinda pulling for the conour but want to make a informed decion so that we make a good fit for us and the bird.

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Mar 07, 2010
Conour and Quacker Parriots
by: Erma from Iowa

I have both birds and my Conour is more noiser than my Quacker Parriot. They both are great birds just the noise bothers me alittle bit.

Apr 18, 2009
Conure or a Quaker parrot?
by: Tracie

Both are great birds, it really depends on what bird your family enjoys the most.

Both birds can be very noisy and messy. I am of the opinion that the Conure might be quieter and less messy than the Quaker parrot. That is just my opinion and everyone knows that every bird is an individual just like people.

I suggest that you spend time with both birds and see what bird you feel a connection with. The bird that "picks you" is usually the best bird to get. By using the term, "picks you," I am saying that if a bird seems to want to stay with you, then that bird will probably make a great pet.

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