Which parrot for our family

by Connie
(Greenville, SC)

For years I have wanted a Cockatoo. After doing A LOT of reading I'm confused!! I understand that too's need a lot of attention. I'm a stay at home homeschooling mom. So being home with it isn't a problem. We already have 1 Quaker, 1 Conure and 2 Budgies.
I have also been reading about African greys and Eclectus parrots. I refuse to jump into anything. I have literally been thinking about which would be right for our family for a couple of years now.
Are too's really as sensitive as I've read? Can I go away for the day and not worry about coming home to a bird that's plucked all of it's feathers? I've heard the same about Grey's. Is all this true? We want a family bird. One that everyone can love and it will love us back without getting agressive. I know that with any wild creature you can always expect a nip or worse. I just don't want to get into something where we're not happy and the poor bird isn't happy. If that is going to happen I will not get a companion parrot.
Sorry this has been so long. My heart is aching for a large bird to love and hold. But I need advice from those of you that own these different types to help us make the right choice for our family and for the parrot. Or if we should just not get a new member of the family at all. thank you in advance for any advice or info.
Connie :O)

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Jul 11, 2008
companion parrot
by: Lori /Texas

I always wanted a cockatoo. I love their eyes and their slow laid back attidude. However after hearing how loud they can scream I realized my family would not be able to tolerate the noise. I already have a sun conure and they complain about his screams. So when I had the opportunity to adopt a 5 year old grey from his terminally ill owner it was an easy decision. He seldom ever screams unless something frightens him and he talks to us most of the day. It took several months before he would allow me to hold him and for the next 3 years he only allowed me that privledge but all of a sudden he fell in love with my husband. I can still hold him and do all the cleaning and feeding but he follows my husband around like a puppy when he's home. He is an absolute joy to have around.

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