Which pellet food to buy + other ?'s

by Jamie

I am currently feeding my parakeet pellet/seed mix from the pet store. It seems that he is eating the seed but not consuming much of the pellet. I was looking to buy some pellet food from you but could not decide which I should purchase first.

My parkeet is very young due to him still having the stripes on top of his head and is currently going through the molting stage (I assume). Feathers every where. How long does the molting stage usually last, he's been loosing feathers here and there for awhile.

I've also been giving him different vegtables but seems no matter how small I cut them they end up on the bottom of the cage below the grate. Also, is it ok to give a parakeet applesauce?

One more, is it ok to burn candles around parakeets? I know they have a weak respiratory system, I love to burn candles but have been very leary.

Sorry for all the ?'s at once but thought I'd get them all in at one time.

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Sep 14, 2009
Good pellets for birds
by: Tracie

I suggest that you do not use a pellet/seed mix. We feed only Harrison's pellets in the morning and do NOT add seed until after 5pm. That way they only have pellets first thing in the morning when they are hungry.

One set of budgies are smart, and will sometimes not eat many pellets during the day and start chirping like there is no food in the dish (hoping to get me to put some seed in.) :-/ Around 5pm I will add seed to their dish, but on a tiny amount if they still have a lot of pellets left. ;-)

Our small birds get 1/2 tablespoon of pellets each and then in the evening they get a sprinkling of Totally Organics Seeds added to their dishes.

Try clipping organic veggies to the bars of the cage so that they don't end up on the floor. The bird will likely enjoy shredding the veggies more than eating them at first, but will eventually find he likes some of them.

Candles and other fragrance items are NOT to be used in your bird room. There are a few independent candle makers out there that make bird safe candles with bees wax and safe wicks, but there are not any you can buy in the store that I would trust.

Please look at our Non-toxic for birds list for more information on keeping your birds safe from toxic items.

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