which would be a good bird to get?

by sean

i currently have a cockatiel and am thinking about getting a second one thats a little bigger but not as big as a macaw. i had my interest originally on an african grey but after going to a bird fair this past weekend i am thinking about getting the grey, an eclectus, or an alexandrine.

at the fair i get to see and handle a grey and eclectus but no sign of an alexandrine, the only reason i know of it was one of the people there suggested it because it is just a little bit smaller than the eclectus but alot cheaper and just as good. money isnt so much the problem just saving some doesnt hurt.

the eclectus were very quiet and easly let me pick them up. the african grey was a little tricky because it was still young and attached to the guy that was feeding her but after time i was able to get it up and it didnt try to bite me or anything while i was holding it. i was also told the nickname for an electus is couch potato as it would seem they are not very active and just want to stand around or something.

i was told that the best time for buying a new parrot is around june during the breeding season so i can get a better deal then, so im planning to do more research and saving up money till then. i already have a big enough cage and anytime im home and not asleep i play with my cockatiel and plan to do the same for the new bird.

i am wanting to know input on current or previous owners on how these three are, how loud can they get compared to a cockatiel or a macaw or a conure. i know they are good at talking and such especially the grey which mainly caught my interested to get it. how would these birds due with my cockatiel? would they get along just fine with it or would there possibly be a problem? again i realize that these bigger birds will require more attention then my cockatiel.
any other input you think i should know would be nice

thank you

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Dec 05, 2011
which bird
by: Anonymous

Hello! Going from owning one bird to two is a big step to take. You never know if they will get along. I have three parrots, one of which thinks he is BOSS, (yet the smallest!) so he has to be kept in a different room than the others. One of my 3 is an African Grey. Owning more than one bird is just more time consuming and more expensive, but the pay off is great. I think that you have been doing the right thing as to going to interact with the birds before purchasing. This truely helps a person feel for what bird may be best with their lifestyle. I used to work in a pet store that sold parrots so I know a bit about each species and have spent alot of time with them. So as for an African Grey, of course I have to say they are just amazing birds and I wouldnt trade mine for the world. They are smart, loyal, but shy birds. They require a lot of stimulation. They bore easily. This doesnt always mean YOUR attention is needed, but things to keep them busy minded since they are so smart. I give mine puzzles, forage boxes and toys, and mostly ways to make her work for food. This is an absolute requirement to keep a healthy Grey, at least in my eyes. Eclectus parrots are great too, but must be on an extremely strict diet. This is too hard for some people. They do not eat a normal seed/pellet diet, but instead a mostly 80% fresh organic foods diet, mostly consisting of sprouts and fruits and veggies, and the other 20% of a special eclectus pellet. This can get expensive so make sure your finances are right. If they are not fed the right diet, they are known to pluck their feathers, leaving a stressed bird and stressed owner. So do a little more research on this demanding species. The Alexandrine is also a great bird, and for as much as I have worked with them, to me they seem to have very dominant personalities. Very smart and intuitive, willing to please. I wish you luck in the hard decision making of which parrot to get! And to answer your question about noise level...it depends on the bird itself i believe. Some are just more vocal than others. But all, have the potential of being very loud, much louder than your cockatiel!

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