White bump on my cockatiel's head

by Penny

My cockatiel just passed away last night. She started out about two months ago with her right eye closed in the mornings. Eventually she went onto antibiotics for conjunctivitis which helped slightly but then it returned.

We took her to another avian vet who believed it to be a systemic infection and treated her with oral antibiotics instead of topical. A few days after, a white bump appeared on her head and began to rapidly grow. It was in front of her eye and started pushing her eye back.

The vet wanted us to give her two days of steroids to see if it would help after which we were having her put down as we believed she was suffering. She died on day one of the new medication peacefully sleeping in her cage. Was this some kind of cancer?

The vet has never seen anything like it and has no idea. We have only had this bird a total of three months and for the first month she was an extremely happy bird who learned 5 whistles in 4 weeks and seemed very healthy.

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Dec 13, 2008
Bird died mysteriously
by: The Vet

I am so sorry to hear that you have lost your companion. Cancer is a differential, but it could have been an abscess, or conjunctivitis, or a few other things.

The only way to know what it was is to do an necropsy (autopsy) and I recommend this especially if you are getting another bird, you will want to know if this is infectious and can be passed to the new bird (from environmental contamination such as from the cage and perches, etc.)

Dr. B

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