White Cap Pionus and Cockatiel in Same Cage. Yay or nay?

by sandra
(orlando fl)

I have a White Cap Pionus who is almost 7 years old. We brought it home the day after it hatched and has always lived alone. My sister has a Cockatiel who she cannot care for anymore. Not sure its age. I have a huge cage, but do not know if the 2 can live together. Does anyone know? I would like to bring the Cockatiel home and put him with my parrot.

The Cockatiel is in a small cage, but my cage will accomodate both without a problem. Someone please let me know so I can bring home this baby and give it the proper care and love it needs!!

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Oct 02, 2011
Don't put birds together right away
by: Tracie

I do not think it is a good idea to ever just put two birds in a cage together. They may attack each other right away, and hurt or kill the other before you can rescue it. They may act "fine" while you are watching, and then fight when you leave the room.

Typically people keep birds in separate cages, and accept they may always live in separate cages. You can let them play together outside the cage and see how they get along. If after a long period of time they get along on a play stand, then you can move them both to the top of the cage you wish for them both to live in.

If they get along on top of the cage, then you can open the door, provide two feeding stations and two water bottles, and see if they go inside and get along.

Even if they seem to get along in the cage, don't shut the door on them and move them in together until you have seen them get along in and out of the cage, eat and drink in front of each other several days in a row.

One bird will typically be dominate, but you need to make sure the dominate bird doesn't attack the other bird when it chews on the dominate bird's favorite toy or eats out of it's perceived private dish etc.

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