White Casings around birds feathers

by Elissa

Good Afternoon, I have two baby budgies named Jelly and Bean,about 9 months old and both of them (one is not as bad as the other by any means), have white casings around their feathers in particular on top of thier heads. I can pul these casings off but they continue to come back. I am just wondering is there a way we can treat this so that they wont come back again or minimise how bad they are?

No one can seem to help us with this situation, not ecven our vet. He gave us some coloured pellets to feed them and they wont eat them at all, just move them out of their feeder. Any help on this situation would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

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Apr 29, 2011
pin feathers
by: Anonymous

When a bird goes through a moult new pins break through the skin. This causes irritating skin. Bathing & high protein foods can help the pin & feather growth. If your bird allows it, some gentle massaging of the pins will help them the break, otherwise if left alone they will eventually break away with preening.

When new feathers are coming through they have a vein going through the shaft (Rachis). This vein helps to feed the feather for growth. This is called a blood feather.

As for the pellets. You can go to another vet or animal shops & try to find natural pellets. Some avians DO offer coloured pellets! There are also some places in this world where avians are not available & we have to use a normal vet.

Google budgies & budgie care. There is a wealth of information you can gain on them. Good luck.

Apr 29, 2011
White casings around birds feathers
by: Robin

I agree with Tracie about the white casings (and about not giving him the colored pellets). I'm going through pretty much the same thing with my conure right now. Makes him a bit cranky because the new feather areas are sensitive! I mist him with warm water very lightly every other day or so to maintain moisture. Good luck. You'll get used to it.

Apr 29, 2011
Bird molting
by: Tracie

You must not have taken your bird to an avian vet, because an avian vet would know your bird is molting and would NEVER give your bird colored pellets, that are full of sugar and preservatives and basically junk food. Regular vets often kill birds, because they simply do not have the training and experience to care for them. (Don't feel bad, I didn't know there was such a thing as avian vets until I started doing research.)

When birds get new feathers, they come in with a white sheath over them. You can't stop this, because the bird's have to get new feathers as they lose the old feathers.

Your birds will live years longer, if you persevere and get them switched over to Harrison's pellets or another high quality pellet. Feeding your birds mostly seed will likely kill your bird because it will get fatty liver disease.

Please read the Switching Birds to Pellets article and the other health related articles on our Parrot Training page.

If your bird is excessively molting, then please do Find an Avian Vet to help you with this problem.

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