white eyed conure.....

by renee burnham
(tacoma wa)

i have a white eyed conure that we got about 2 yrs ago.i think she is a older bird and is very crabby.she has a serious plucking problem.she only has fetheres on her head and wings.she was given to us like this.will she ever grow them back?whats the best way to try?thanks

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Mar 06, 2014
feather plucking in conours
by: Debbie

I have a white-eyed conour and for years he was normal. Then one day I noticed he was plucking his chest feathers. I changed his diet to more fresh fruits and vegies. He was also not in the living room with me as before. I moved his cage and he felt a part of the family again. In fact, he is so spoiled that whenever I leave his sight he screams until he can see me again. I also took an old towl and cut strips to hang in the cage. He really needed that to chew on and tear. Hope this helps. My "Max" is around 12yrs. old.

Jul 23, 2008
Plucking GC
by: The Vet

Hello Renee,

Please read the article on Feather Plucking Help. The link is below that you can copy and paste into your browser.


It is possible for feathers to grow back after chronic plucking. To get this to happen you will need to find out why she is plucking and treat her primary problem, first. They are not going to grow back if she continues to pluck them, obviously. Whether they grow back is dependent on the condition of the follicle. If the dermal papilla is damaged from plucking, then the feather will not grow back.

Find an avian veterinarian to take a look at your bird; there could be a medical condition contributing to the problem, or a result of the problem.

Dr. B

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