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I have an alexandrine parrot. He has white feathers all over his body except for the head. He also gets back the green feathers somewhere in july-august but they last only for a month and again change back to the white feathers. He's having this problem since 4-5 yrs. He eats wells. We have taken him to the vet but they hav not been able to identify the problem. Please help

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Jul 31, 2008
Feathers turning white
by: The Vet

Differentials include nutritional imbalances, PBFD, Polyomavirus, genetic abnormalities, hormonal issues, and trauma to the follicles e.g. from a history of feather damaging behaviors.

Start by making an appointment with an avian veterinarian to try and diagnose the problem. Your bird should see a veterinarian annually for well bird check ups and vaccinations. I know you said he saw a vet, but you may need a second opinion depending on the experience of the first vet. Use a board certified one this time, if you have not already.

Put your bird on a good diet. The best is Harrison's. This will eliminate the possibility of nutritional problems.

Please let me know what you find.

Dr B

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