White feathes

by maddpaki

my indian ringneck has been grooming himself alot lately and all the white flakes fly out of him..i sprayed him with aloe vera but it doesnt seem to make any difference..
his face is growing white thick feather...i need advice on what i should do?

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Nov 07, 2009
White feathes
by: Linda

Sounds like your bird has new feathers coming in. They first come in as shafts which are white, hard and prickly. The end of the shafts fall off allowing the feather to come out of the shaft.

This is normal and is not dandruff or anything bad.

Diet has a lot to do with how easily the feathers grow back in, so skin and feathers are in better condition with a high quality organic pelleted diet. Harrisons is a great one, and Tracie carries it and a few others here. The change from seeds to pellets takes some time if bird has been eating seeds a long time.

If you do not think these are feather shafts coming out of his skin, then you may wish to take him to see an Avian vet to see if he is physically fit. To help the bird feel better when he is growing in new feathers, you can give him warm not hot showers using a plastic plant sprayer. Make sure bird is out of any drafts and that water is clean which may mean boiling water first to remove any toxins and then letting it cool to room temperature or a little above. This will provide the moisture necessary for the shaft ends to fall off allowing the feathers to come on in. Never use any type of oil-based products on your bird as these close off the skin pores and will suffacate your bird. Only clean, clear water is all you really need. The aloevera is not bad, just don't use it all the time as it is not necessary.

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