white zebra finch swollen cheek

by Audra Harper

my bird has a swollen creek on one side . What can it be?

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Feb 19, 2011
by: Anonymous

Sadly the reason I mentioned it was to get the bird healthy... I was hoping the person would write back, and mention how the little finch was doing.

And well your right if a bird doesn't need vitamins and their healthy why would they need em? usually if anything gets sick, that stuff does deplete.

Also there are certain fruits and vegetables that birds shouldn't eat, but 'Fresh' fruits and Vegetables (apples oranges Etc) are part of a healthy bird diet.

I don't know how many times I have asked vets when going out with a friend that does animal rescue and they say they don't know much about the smaller birds, and many wouldn't touch a bird with a ten foot pole. ( I have gone all over the place to different vets all over Ontario.. Ones that specialize in birds too, and many say the same thing the bigger birds are far easier to diagnose then a smaller bird.) and yes as a matter of fact, I joined the finch forum and I actually learned a lot more there then here.... sadly.

also the 'seed diet' is not as bad if you get a fresh one with vegetables and fruits added. and egg shells for calcium and Egg food too.

but if you're sick would you want all this stuff shoved at you? not sure a sick bird would.

I say start with the basics, and work from there.

Editor's note: So sad your avian vets didn't learn what they should have in school. Glad there is a forum that has helpful information. :-) Just be careful with the vitamins, like I said, my bird had fatty liver disease and I didn't know it and killed him because the liquid vitamin had something it's liver couldn't process.

Feb 19, 2011
NEVER put vitamins in water
by: Tracie

First, Dr B will answer this question eventually.

I edited the previous post, because it was suggested that vitamins in water would be good. It also suggested people on a forum might know more than an avian vet. Seriously? A vet sees hundreds of birds a week for years on end. Individuals can't possibly be able to determine a disease over the Internet better than an avian vet in person.

Concerning vitamins, do you feed your kids a doughut diet and then give them vitamins to make sure they get their nutrition? If you do, you will NOT have healthy kids. Feeding birds seeds and vitamins is the same thing.

Birds need to be fed properly, they don't need vitamins in their water. I personally killed my first bird by adding vitamins to the water. The bird didn't need all the vitamins, and one of the vitamins in the mix overdosed it and it died.

Feed your bird a healthy pellet, like Harrison's or Roudybush and you won't need vitamins.

Our avian vet has seen birds for over 30 years and can testify that birds on Harrison's and only 20% seed/treats rarely have problems. Birds on cheap pellets are better than seed diets, but seed diets and vitamins in water shortens the birds lives.

My budgies raised on seed diets lived around 1 - 5 years. Budgies raised on Harrison's pellets may live 12 - 20 years.

Yes, wild birds live on seeds. They also fly around foraging and need to keep warm on branches at night. They also do not live as long as birds kept indoors on pellet diets. Seeds have too much fat for indoor birds in cages.

Feb 19, 2011
Maybe it's diet
by: Anonymous

I was reading an article on the internet, Yes I agree at this time if your zebra finches cheek is swollen and the bird is in pain, it would be advisable to get him or her onto a medicine to heal it up. Many times though the vets really don't know what to do with these smaller birds unless they specialize with them and even then, they aren't as equipped as they are with parrots, yet Don't completely discredit them. Also If you want to get other advise from experienced Finch owners there is a forum at Finchforum.com, they may know whats wrong. Just watch your Zebra closely so he or she doesn't get worse. In the article there was a sick lady gouldian that had a swollen cheek, and they were saying that it was bad diet and lack of vitamins. (Editor's note: Bad diet causes a lack of vitamins.)

You may want to try slowly switching his or her diet to a fresher seed (don't get me wrong on this. sometimes people don't tell you at the pet store.) and also make sure the cage is very clean. But yes Check out Finchforum.com, their very good there and have tons of experience when it comes to these small birds, especially. They gave me good advice and made me smile when I was having a bird aggression problem (too bad the people here at parrot and conure world knew a bird hypnotist and would refer me ~.^.) Good luck with your baby and hopefully he or she will be feeling better soon.

Feb 18, 2011
Finch with swollen cheek
by: Tracie

Dr B can not tell you what is wrong, because he can not examine your bird. He suggests that you take your bird to an avian vet for an exam so your bird can get the treatment needed.

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