White-ish yellow lumps on budgie's toes

by Tracey
(Toronto, ON, Canada)

Bumps on budgie toe

Bumps on budgie toe

My 11 month old English budgie has odd "bumps" on her toes of one foot.
White-ish/yellow lumps/growths.
Two lumps as shown in pics, and one on a back toe on the same foot.

White-ish yellow in color. Have the initial appearance of crystals.
I gently poked the back toe lump - doesn't "seem" painful, moves at base, might be fluid or jelly filled ... like a huge plugged pore...
Toe joint itself is fine.

Those lumps weren't there in April. Looked at pics taken in July, and lumps are there, but smaller.

They don't look like what I researched mites are supposed to look like. No dry flaky skin, no thorny skin, no tiny holes the mites made ...
I found a pic on the web for mites on feet and beak and it doesn't look like these.

Never seen this before.
What is this? Something to be concerned about?

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Apr 03, 2018
by: Anonymous

its probably bumble foot change to different perches and go to a vet it should go away

Dec 31, 2015
bumble foot
by: Anonymous

you need to take him/her to the vet your budgie could have bumble foot.

Oct 23, 2015
by: Anonymous

Lump in back of my birds foot yellow in colour

Editor's note: Could be bumble foot, take the bird to your avian vet.

Jan 25, 2014
by: Anonymous

It could beat tummor

Aug 12, 2009
Bumbs on budgie toe
by: The Vet

This can be from several different causes. Nutritional deficiencies can do this. Pox virus and other viral infections ca do it. Articular gout is possible. Abscess and infection can also do it. Although these images are good, a diagnosis cannot be determined from them. Your bird should be seen by an avian veterinarian to provide diagnosis and treatment.

Dr B

Aug 11, 2009
Budgie's Toes
by: Linda

Yes, these bumps are cause for concern. Anytime, something abnormal shows up on bird is a cause for concern. It could be some other parasite or an infection or allergy to perches, or something else.

My advice is to take her to your Avian Vet and let him draw out some fluid or tissue to see what it is. It should not cost much to have it analyzed and/or treated.

Thanks for writing!

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