Whiteness on beak of love bird

by Gemma

I have two peach faces and have recently discovered that one of the has whiteness forming on the end of its beak and appears dishevelled whereas the other one appears fine is this something to be concerned about?

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Dec 31, 2013
Whiteness on beak of love bird
by: Anonymous

Birds molt their beaks too as they are consistently growing. This can sometimes look a bit weird, sometimes with a bit of white where the previous stuff flaked off.

However if this doesn't look like normal beak molting, than I would consult an avian vet.

Your bird could be sick, or have a vitamin diffiency, in which case the vet will prescribe vitamins, with the dosage he will need.

Please remember, birds tend not to show us physical signs of illness or injury, so it's always important to take your bird once a year to the vets for preventative care.

Without photos, honestly we're guessing. And even still, without an avian vet examining your bird, he'd just be guessing too at this point. So please take him in, request blood work to get a better understanding of what's wrong.

Good luck! :D

Dec 31, 2013
birds beak
by: Alex

Your best bet is to have it checked by an avian vet to make sure nothing is wrong, and if it is to have it treated.

The problem may be contagious, so maybe have the other bird checked also, just to be safe.

Thanks for getting in contact.

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